Wildpark aktuell

We will be back for you from April 21st!
The following official restrictions apply:

Restricted areas: playground, barbecue hut,
Petting zoo and observation tower (Wolf enclosure)

  Distance and hygiene rules must
be strictly respected. Avoid forming groups.
Observe the posted parking rules in accordance
with the current official regulations!

Thank you very much! Please stay healthy ...
     Your Wildlife Park team

From March 15 through November 15 we
are open daily from 9 am (Winter: 10 am)

A Picture says so much more

than 1000 words. Therefore you have the opportunity to get a first impression
on our wonderful natural reserve area. Enjoy!

Choose between Wildlife Park Impressions, Wolves in the Wildlife Park, Children’s World & Farmer’s Market Impressions:

Bildergalerie Wildpark-Impressionen Bildergalerie Wildpark-Impressionen Wildpark-Impressionen Wölfe im Wildpark ...

Bildergalerie Wölfe im Wildpark Bildergalerie Wölfe im Wildpark Bildergalerie Wildpark-Kinderwelten Bildergalerie Wildpark-Kinderwelten Wildpark-Kinderwelten ... Bauernmarkt-Impressionen ... Bildergalerie Bauernmark-Impressionen Bildergalerie Bauernmark-Impressionen