Wildpark aktuell

Dear park visitors,

a reservation of tickets for
the wildlife park is currently
not necessary anymore.

You can come by at any time during opening hours.

Experience the wildlife park without the requirement
for a test or reservation.

Masks are still required on
at the cash register,
the kiosk and the toilets.
Please note the current
posted parking rules.

Enjoy your visit
in the wildlife park.
We look forward to you!
The wildlife park team

A Picture says so much more

than 1000 words. Therefore you have the opportunity to get a first impression
on our wonderful natural reserve area. Enjoy!

Choose between Wildlife Park Impressions, Wolves in the Wildlife Park, Children’s World & Farmer’s Market Impressions:

Bildergalerie Wildpark-Impressionen Bildergalerie Wildpark-Impressionen Wildpark-Impressionen Wölfe im Wildpark ...

Bildergalerie Wölfe im Wildpark Bildergalerie Wölfe im Wildpark Bildergalerie Wildpark-Kinderwelten Bildergalerie Wildpark-Kinderwelten Wildpark-Kinderwelten ... Bauernmarkt-Impressionen ... Bildergalerie Bauernmark-Impressionen Bildergalerie Bauernmark-Impressionen