Termine 2019

From March 15 through
November 15 the wildlife
park opens daily at 9 am.

From November 16
through March 14 the wildlife park opens
daily at 9 am.

E V E N T S 2019

Easter, April 21 and 22
Der Osterhase ist
zu Gast im Wildpark

Sunday, May 12
Muttertag (Mother´s Day)

Sunday, June 9
Familientag mit Nils Nager

Sunday, July 14
Der Natur auf der Spur

Sunday, August 11
Familien-Spaß im Wildpark

Sunday, September 1
Wildparkfest - 10.30 Uhr Hubertusmesse

Sunday, September 29
PAMINA Bauern- und Hand-
werkermarkt (11 bis 17 Uhr)

Sunday, November 24
16 Uhr mit Fackelwanderung

Guided Tour through the Wildlife Park

Discover the wildlife park on your own. You may choose between a longer or a shorter round course. Both courses offer so much to explore and to see. Visit us and enjoy the animals at a very close distance!

Hiking time short course: approximately 45 - 60 minutes
Hiking time long course: approximately 90 - 120 minutes


WaldWirte-Rundweg Tiere hautnah im Wildpark Silz