Wildpark aktuell

We will be back for you from April 21st!
The following official restrictions apply:

Restricted areas: playground, barbecue hut,
Petting zoo and observation tower (Wolf enclosure)

  Distance and hygiene rules must
be strictly respected. Avoid forming groups.
Observe the posted parking rules in accordance
with the current official regulations!

Thank you very much! Please stay healthy ...
     Your Wildlife Park team

From March 15 through November 15 we
are open daily from 9 am (Winter: 10 am)


Single price

Group price
(starting at
20 persons)



7,50 €

6,50 €

Adults with handicapped ID


6,50 €

6,00 €

Pensioners, Spa-Card, Visitor’s Pass


7,00 €

6,50 €

Children starting at their 3rd birthday


3,50 €

3,00 €

Children starting at their 6th birthday until 16 years
of age, Pupils older than 16 years of age and
Students with ID


5,00 €

4,50 €

Children with handicapped ID (3 to 5 years of age)


3,00 €


Enfants with handicapped ID (6 to 16 years of age)


4,50 €


Family Day Ticket pour familles

(parents plus children
up to 16 years of age)

19,00 €


Family Annual Ticket
(valid 1 year of date of purchase)

(parents plus children
up to 16 years of age)

60,00 €


Special prices for school classes
and kindergarten groups!


Cash payment only!

Because we do not have a connection to a Telecash or similar system, we can only accept payments in cash.

We are looking forward to your visit!